• my summer vegetable anti-anxiety soup I was born anxious. I’ve fretted for as long as I remember. I worried for one and all. Some days it cripples me and I have to disappear for a while. Others, I am able to accept it as part of my character. These days, though, I manage it better. I know what works. What more
  • my remedy kit (for thyroidy/crappy days) So, below is my insta-fix for my thyroidy days. But, really, it’s a remedy for crap days in general – if you’re premenstrual, toxic, hungover, over-worked or got another type of auto-immune disease or illness I reckon it will be of use, too. HAPPILY, after three years of trying EVERY trick in the book, I’ve more
  • my 10 things mnmlist just posted a list of 10 essential things. It’s his take on those lists they do in magazine with famous personage where they get them to list consumerables they just can’t live without. I avoid these kind of lists (the consumerable ones) as I don’t so much like consuming. This is probably disappointing for more
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