• who’s joining me on Febfast this year? (a great IQS thing to do*) If you’re currently quitting sugar* – or if you’re not, but would like to do SOMETHING to get your health back on flowing tracks – you’ll like this poke up the bum I’m about to give you: join me in ditching alcohol in February Yes, just one month. Actually, 29 days this year. Which is more
  • How my sugar journey is going…your questions answered The “I quit sugar” posts have proven rather popular…and controversial. If you’ve been following the comments you might be marveling as to why it’s created such fired-up outrage. As David Gillespie said to me, “I don’t think you would have attracted such resistance if you’d suggested cutting out broccoli”. True. Point being, we are addicted more
  • how giving up booze has helped us all become nicer people! In case you missed it, I gave up alcohol for February, as ambassador for Febfast. The whole concept totally took off, which makes me so happy and impressed with human nature in general. Almost everyone I know took part. Bloody incredible. And the shift in everyone’s behaviour is astonishing. There’s a calmness. An OKness about more
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