• my Sunday Night interview with the Dalai Lama I interviewed His Holiness for Sunday Night on Channel Seven. Here it is… I mentioned on Twitter at the time…afterwards I was in the hotel lobby working on my laptop and he and his entourage bustled by. HH gave me a double thumbs up and a wink. Life highlight. The next day he blessed me more
  • what the Dalai Lama told me… This week in Sunday Life I try “infinite altruism” There’s something special about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, if I can be permitted such an obviousism. Something disarming. It’s the way he answers questions like, Is being gay OK? His response to a journalist once makes me smile: “I will ask ‘What is your companion’s more
  • some Happiness & It’s Causes reflections I think I mentioned, I chaired the Happiness & It’s Causes Conference in Brisbane on Friday. I know a few of you were there. It really was very special…Big minds, big hearts, grappling with all the stuff that counts. Lots of stuff on using our minds for good, chimps and peace (ergo the cute-as pic more
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