• really not much too much at all. I don’t have much to say. It’s early. I’m getting my hair and makeup done in my sunroom, ready to go sky-diving in Picton. I’m drinking this amazing Miessence antioxidant “Berry Radical” drink – a chocolaty “superfood” hot drink. Like a hot chocolate, but it only contains superfoods. You can add coconut milk, or have more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: the sharp political twits I follow ***Updated Friday 5pm: News is emerging the election will be called tomorrow. The PM is saying she’ll ask the GG to delay issuing the writ until Wednesday, which means IF YOU’RE NOT ENROLLED TO VOTE YOU’LL HAVE ABOUT FIVE DAYS TO DO SO. Do it at my link here. ***Updated Friday 5pm: Latika Bourke has more
  • are you being authentic? how do you know? I’ve been fretting a little lately about whether I’m being authentic. I’ve been catching myself saying things to impress and to create a certain image of myself. Then I cringe inwardly.  It’s easy to do, especially when you blog. You can easily get swept up in your own story. Press “publish”. And go eat a more
  • A Daniel Pink webinar + other brainy things to do … to make your life more expansive Ideas are the new gossip. I like this. The Times recently wrote about how Brainy is Suddenly Chic and the “new vogue for intellectual pursuits” as a way of accessing happiness. More and more we’re becoming interested in sharing concepts and being truly informed.  Not so much to wear the badge “Hi, I’m Informed”, but more
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