• lentils: how to *really* eat them A few posts back Julie Cowdroy wrote about the Below the Line campaign – a program in May that sees well-fed westerners live on $2 a day to experience what it’s like for the world’s poorest. And to raise $$. I promised to give it a crack and did so for a day. As, it more
  • 17 of my best cooking tricks for real wellness Here’s a few cooking and eating tips I live by for a Tuesday. Enjoy! Oh, by the way, the new nutrition makeover show I finished filming in January – Eat Yourself Sexy – will appear on Lifestyle YOU in August…in time for Spring. That should give you enough time to subscribe to Foxtel/Austar! Image by more
  • new health trick: “the fuzz” Sometimes health needs to be explained in nonsensical, onomatopoeic language. Yuk! Goob! Stodge! If you’ve been unwell for a while, or get gut aches for no discernible reason (and you’re told you’ve got IBS), or you go around in circles with complaints, or if you have some sort of auto-immune disease, then you totally know more
  • Tuesday eats: turmeric (the healthiest food on the planet?) It’s ugly and lumpy and mostly people don’t know what it is when they see it at the shops. But I love turmeric. Even if it does stain every device in my kitchen a bright yellow. Know this: more and more studies are showing it beats inflammation. And fights cancer. I eat it as often more
  • guest post: healing auto-immune disease #6 Another week, another installment. A month or so ago I posted my musings on my not-so-amusing journey with hashimoto’s. This week, I’ve invited Melbourne personal trainer, BioSignature practitioner and blogger Kat Eden to give her comic – or otherwise  – input. I came across Kat on the site Dumb Little Men and loved her tips more
  • guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease, by someone who’s been there (Clare Bowditch!) #5 I quite love Clare Bowditch. That’s her up above. The admiration kicked off when she emailed me a while back after reading something I’d written and she suggested we meet for tea when I was in Melbourne next cos we’d have stacks in common. I love contacting people I’d like to meet and suggesting tea. more
  • Guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease (anti-inflammatory foods) #4 If you’ve got auto-immune disease, you probably have some bloody annoying issues with inflammation  – swollen feet or hands, skin breakouts, sore joints etc. I do (see the rest of my rundown on my crazy wrestling with Hashimoto’s here). I put up with it for ages. Actually, I whinged about it. But did nothing. Only more
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