• moody? flat? it could be your leaky gut This post has been updated. This is one of those straightforward posts I sometimes do when I come across information that I feel is important to share. It will involve factoids and a list. You’ve been warned! Basically I’m going to outline some interesting stuff that explain why problems with your gut are causing the more
  • I’m being broken down I’m now in Icaria, Greece. I should probably explain why and how and what for before launching into a post about an Icarian experience I’m currently having. But, as you will soon learn, everything on this island is topsy-turvy. So an introduction will have to wait. Since arriving in Icaria I’ve been getting looks from more
  • how to live longer? be somewhat obsessive! If you’re a sober, highly strung, fretty type you might find this cheering…a much-talked-about new book The Longevity Project, reveals cheery types die younger than the more sober, serious humanoid. Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin, two psychologists, draw on a study  of school kids by Stanford University that started in the 1920s to find what more
  • Question: “you’re an anxious person, how do you enjoy life!?” Reader Cammy this week asked me this: “I’m an anxious person, very annoying, but you have made me feel like maybe I can deal with it. Thanks!! How do you deal with anxiety and  enjoy things when you’re feeling anxious. Please! I would love to know what you do.” I’m a very anxious person. It’s more
  • do you care how you blog? I’m in Melbourne. So I’m on the fly. So today I just post something I found interesting. A new survey (conducted by a vitamin company which I don’t particularly feel compelled to mention) about stress and work/life balance says 63 per cent of us feel social media is making us stressed. And that women are more
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