• jo’s four favourite posts I’m on leave, so this is a in-case-you-missed-it post. I asked right-hand chick Jo to highlight her favourite posts from the year. Here they are: (PS. this pic above is one Jo took from her flat…she sits here to think each morning…) 1. I love this post: The best reason I’ve ever found for backing more
  • A day at bondi…a christmas gift idea Every few weeks or so I feature one of Eugene Tan’s wonderful beach pictures on this site. I know many of you love them. Woah!, now you can buy the book. Uge has become a great mate after years of running into him down at Bondi in the mornings where, for the past 11 years, more
  • get some light and shade… for a fresh view I like this nice little reminder from DailyOM on having breaks when you’re going hard. I’m a big fan of having light and shade in life. To sprint and rest. It’s hard to remember to create these contrasts, sometimes. (The pic below is a ripper….courtesy of Eugene at Aquabumps, he of the “checking in with more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: a Bondi guide A few days ago marked seven years in Sydney for me. July 3 2003 I arrived in Bondi with a carload of belongings and moved in with Bill from the coolhunter (at the time he worked from his bedroom with a following of a few thousand…now it’s in the millions). I’ve moved back and forth more
  • start your day with sun on your face (say doctors) There’s an Italian proverb: “Where the sun does not go, the doctor does”. Doctors are now scrambling to get out studies that say pretty much the same. But with more words. Basically because they’re finding that we all need more Vitamin D. It plays a humongous role in preventing cancer, osteoporosis and a bunch of more
  • this is how i started today… …down at Bondi, a quick sand run and a float in the ocean, looking up at the sky and getting into the right mood for the day. This has been my routine for years. I’ve watched one woman, in this time, get pregnant and – bounce back again – twice!! There’s the over-tanned older lady more
  • bondi style, a book My friend Lisa has launched a book called Bondi Style – a snapshot (or several) of life in Bondi, with a sartorial slant. I was asked to launch the book the other night. Which was a little bit weird because I don’t fit the Bondi style, apart from the glasses I wear (big, black, bought more
  • sunday life: in which i check in with my inside people…and Eugene Tan This week I check in with my “inside people” You can spend a lifetime reading books about how to get happy in 11 easy steps while not sweating small stuff. There are a lot out there, generally written by some of the most tortured souls around (in the same way neurotics often become psychiatrists and more
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