• Please meet my biggest, best book yet: Simplicious Simplicious hits bookstores today. No drum rolls please. I’m just pleased as punch that it’s here. It was two years of work. It’s 306 recipes. And I’ve taken a gamble here…it’s about how to eat your scraps. This book is my career highlight, my passion project, my obsession. Sustainability has always been at the guts more
  • my brand of sad…what’s yours? I get sad often. Have done since I was a kid. It can just creep up and over me, take me by the throat and dangle there. Then, once embedded, it will drag up big, raw feeling from deep within. In gushes.  I’m powerless once it’s upon me. I cry. A McDonald’s commercial can see more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: 7 nice peeps you should know about Really, this week it’s just a plug for bits and pieces of goodness I’ve come across in the past week. You know, little inventions and consumerables that make a difference, people sharing good stuff. That kind of thing. I’m in Canberra at Mum and Dad’s place, being treated to an open fire, daphne posies in more
  • Lily Allen searches for meaning…and the doubters hate on her Lily’s just come out saying she can’t see the point of life and that she worries about her life not having substance. And she’s decamped to the Brazilian rainforest to speak out on deforestation. “A lot of my life is very vacuous. It doesn’t have a lot of substance and I guess I feel it’s more
  • are you being authentic? how do you know? I’ve been fretting a little lately about whether I’m being authentic. I’ve been catching myself saying things to impress and to create a certain image of myself. Then I cringe inwardly.  It’s easy to do, especially when you blog. You can easily get swept up in your own story. Press “publish”. And go eat a more
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