• The Adele anomaly I love anomalies. They keep us on our toes and from descending into clichés and ruts and expectations. Adele is an anomaly. In 2011, 2012 and 2016, she was named Artist of the Year. Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2016. With sales of more than 100 million records, more
  • to emoticon or not to emoticon? This week in Sunday Life I sign off, sincerely Poor Sreejesh got me so very wrong. During the week the charming and enthusiastic IT specialist from some outpost in India contacted me, trying to win some online business. He was doing well. Until he got to his sign-off. There, it was, alongside his name: “<3333333”. more
  • question: what’s the deal with your divided life?” Every now and then I answer a question from a reader that I figure best to answer en masse…here’s one that struck me recently: It’s come up a few times in comments on this blog. What’s the deal with my two speeds – my heels/red carpet/hair extensions/smile-for-cameras existence, and my live-in-the-hills/simple/non-shopping/biking/no makeup life? How do more
  • wholeheartedness: come meet Brene Brown (free tickets!) I need to share this story. So. Three people over the past three months – one of my best mates Rosie, my new friend Kazzie, and Maria from Brainpickings – alerted me to scientist and “shame” expert Brene Brown. You might recall my “three signs and I act” theory? So. I read her book The more
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