• new health trick: “the fuzz” Sometimes health needs to be explained in nonsensical, onomatopoeic language. Yuk! Goob! Stodge! If you’ve been unwell for a while, or get gut aches for no discernible reason (and you’re told you’ve got IBS), or you go around in circles with complaints, or if you have some sort of auto-immune disease, then you totally know more
  • tuesday eats: chocolate, green tea and red wine Yep, all of the above. I love them all. They are an injection of happiness. My body actually smiles when I have them. Same with zucchini, oddly. And brazil nuts. It’s funny-but-totally-get-able: because all three are great sources of antioxidants, I have a very healthy attitude to all three. I don’t binge on them. I more
  • Sunday life: how to detox your house (and trust me, you need to) This week I detox my apartment It may not be evident from where you sit, but I’m currently experiencing slow death by tinned lima beans. I’ve been eating a stack lately, in seemingly benign ways – tossed through stews, in soups. It was always bound to catch up with me. And if it doesn’t, my more
  • guest post: healing auto immune #9 (by a reader) Another installment in the series. This time, it’s by a reader with CFS – Natalie, who writes a very sweet blog, lemon butter. I really do believe that AI is something that’s going to become more prevalent…I think it’s a symptom of our stressful, A-type and toxic times. Which is not to say I’m totally more
  • healing auto-immune disease #7 (some anti-inflammatory eating tips) Perhaps you thought I’d dropped this series? Nope. Just taken a spell. But I just came across this rundown of tips for eating for auto-immune disease from Melbourne naturopath Gill Stannard. Definitely worth a bit of a share. I’ve cut out the salient bits: * The “Mediterranean Diet” is a good model to eat by. more
  • guest post: healing auto-immune disease #6 Another week, another installment. A month or so ago I posted my musings on my not-so-amusing journey with hashimoto’s. This week, I’ve invited Melbourne personal trainer, BioSignature practitioner and blogger Kat Eden to give her comic – or otherwise  – input. I came across Kat on the site Dumb Little Men and loved her tips more
  • Guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease (anti-inflammatory foods) #4 If you’ve got auto-immune disease, you probably have some bloody annoying issues with inflammation  – swollen feet or hands, skin breakouts, sore joints etc. I do (see the rest of my rundown on my crazy wrestling with Hashimoto’s here). I put up with it for ages. Actually, I whinged about it. But did nothing. Only more
  • guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease (the soy debate) #3 Confused about soy? A number of you have asked about soy products, and how they affect thyroid issues, especially in the wake of the whole Bonsoy debacle. And especially because everyone seems to have an opinion on it these days. Naturopath Angela Hywood from Tonic (you can read her first contribution here) posted the below more
  • cute thing noticed#1: beauty swatch An Australian idea! Beauty Swatch is an online resource that gives as-close-to-real-life colour swatches of the latest lipsticks. Nice. If you’re normal. Sadly, the site is of little help to me.
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