• My Simplicious Kitcheri Recipe Yesterday I shared the gist of what kitcheri is all about. Now, here’s the recipe I work to, which keeps it as simple as possible. I also have a Nourishing Kitcheri recipe in I Quit Sugar For Life and an Inside-Out Sprouted Kitcheri Loaf inSimplicious. I’ve also shared the whole deal with Ayurveda healing. And written more
  • How to make Ayurvedic kitcheri…for beginners First, what is this kitcheri (pronounced kich-ah-ree) stuff I speak of rather often. (I have a recipe for Nourishing Kitcheri in I Quit Sugar For Life and an Inside-Out Sprouted Kitcheri Loaf in Simplicious; I also shared how I ate it at the Indian retreat I did some time back.) In Ayurveda this mung and rice curried bowl more
  • Anxiety in your bones today? Here’s the practical fix I feel compelled to share when I’m anxious. Or, more to the point, I feel compelled to share when I find a pithy solution that might just help others orbiting the same tetchy vibe in the Zeitgeist. And even more to the point, I know that when I do share (from on tetchy high) so more
  • cooling cucumber and yoghurt soup Here are a few food rules I subscribe to: eat stuff in season, when it’s cheap, and in contrast to what’s going on with the weather. The first two edicts are self-explanatory. The third might need some detail. I eat in a “roughly Ayurvedic” way. I’ve written about how this works here. It’s mostly about more
  • my best-ever recipes #2 We’re all soooooooo full. And our livers are ANGRY. And they’re wanting to be cooled down and cleaned out. Yeah? Get into the kitchen and try these recipes. They’re my favourites this time of year – they’ll calm down your internals and help reboot your liver. rawvocado soup This is a great time to up more
  • 19 very clever things to do with coconut oil Following on from my recent why i get excited about coconut oil post, I’m sharing some of the things I do with coconut oil…a few of you have asked the difference between oil and butter. It’s the same thing. The stuff does become an oil in the warmer months, so store in the fridge if more
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