• An apology Hello Readers, This is an apology for the ghastly ads on my site the past week or so. I have a unique policy on ads.  The short version? I do very little advertising here on this site and only endorse or promote something if I personally use the product/service, and only if the product/service helps more
  • I’m really sorry I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone, or perhaps I’m kidding myself to think it would. I won’t be posting for a while. My computer has died, I lost my phone, and my anxiety levels have peaked. And I’m having my first real holiday in seven years (in which I don’t have to finish a book, write more
  • Why do we write? Tweet? Blog? Anyone who blogs, or finds themselves really quite glued to their social media feed, asks this of themselves intermittently. I do. I have my answer now. I blog because I need to. It’s my dharma. The way I experience things is to pull apart the elements, to break them down, to cluster and to organise more
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