• A Field Guide to dealing with Trolls and Snippities Troll baying seems to come in waves. Is it a lunar thing? Lately, something has been going on. They’ve been making quite the cacophony out there in the social media zoo. It’s not just the traditional trolls either. It’s everyday people who get all snippety about an issue and forget that online slam-downs are no more
  • how to build a better blog (part 2-ish) One day I started a blog. I didn’t know where it would head. I spewed forth and it grew like a virus. I just wanted to share things. Like all things with technology, it moved faster than I was able to adjust. So, truth be known, it’s not really what I thought it would be. more
  • 4 connect-me-sweetly people-watching blogs I’ve noticed lately the frothing forth of a bunch of blogs that simply observe humanity going about its quirky, often banal thing. They generally make – or imply – gross generalisations. Which can make me balk. But generalisations exist for us to better understand the world. They don’t have to come with judgment. In fact, more
  • i now blog. finally. I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for three years. You could say I’m someone who likes to review all my options. And who likes to ensure something isn’t a fad. When email first arrived I was convinced it was a passing thing. Ditto MP3 players. And hyper-colour T-shirts. I was also waiting more
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