• Life is either a daring adventure or nothing The effervescent Kate Callaghan – a former I Quit Sugar teamster before decamping to New Zealand – shared this Helen Keller quote on Instagram this week. It was the caption to my weekend. As I’ve written before, I need a bit of physical risk to be truly happy. I always have. I’d been in a more
  • oh glory be! a Conscious Club Frankly, I’m bored. Mostly. Not of life. But of my ways. I want to live more, I want to live life more fully, I want to engage. I cry this out from my very being sometimes. But I default often to pastimes and company that are not always full of growth. You too? Frankly, again, more
  • legs underwater in Bondi and Byron I love that these two shots turned up on the same day earlier this week, one on The Beast (based in Bondi) and the other on Common Ground (based in Byron). There’s something so still and intimate about both shots. It’s a half-life we don’t always see.
  • find your spot I see Ben around a bit. He lives down the road. He’s  a great-grandfather and he’s lived in Bondi most of his life. Ben makes me smile because he has a thing he does. Mid-mornings. after he’s taken his great-granddaughter to school, he comes out to the road and sits in his little car and more
  • A day at bondi…a christmas gift idea Every few weeks or so I feature one of Eugene Tan’s wonderful beach pictures on this site. I know many of you love them. Woah!, now you can buy the book. Uge has become a great mate after years of running into him down at Bondi in the mornings where, for the past 11 years, more
  • taking it away with you At the yoga school I’ve been going to since the first day (literally) I arrived in Bondi seven years ago, the instructor Rick, at the end of each class, invites us to “take it away” with us. We’ve slogged our way through our nervous tension, our annoyance with the heavy breathing dude next to us, more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: a Bondi guide A few days ago marked seven years in Sydney for me. July 3 2003 I arrived in Bondi with a carload of belongings and moved in with Bill from the coolhunter (at the time he worked from his bedroom with a following of a few thousand…now it’s in the millions). I’ve moved back and forth more
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