• cooking sugar-free with xylitol As many of you who follow the I Quit Sugar journey know, my preferred sweetener is rice malt syrup and stevia for a number of reasons, which you can catch up on here. But I’ve also mentioned before that xylitol is one of the very few safe sugar alcohols and works a treat for baking. more
  • The I Quit Sugar Cookbook…in hard copy! Golly. The day has come. I can finally share the release date of the bricks ‘n’ mortar version of I Quit Sugar: January 24 (give or take). If you find yourself in a bookstore around that time, this is what the cover will look like… What do you reckon? The shot was taken by my more
  • a book I’m involved in… A few months ago I was approached to be part of a book project – a collection of  60 essays on love, knowledge and freedom by web kids like Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Jonathan Fields and yours truly. All of the authors’ proceeds goes to the Not For Sale Campaign, an organisation fighting to more
  • I’m publishing I Quit Sugar as a book! I’ve kind of mentioned it in passing a few times, and did a mini-announcement on Instagram, but how about I make it official. I Quit Sugar is growing up into a “real” book. With pages. It all happened quite fast and as with so many things in my life, it’s been shrouded in chaos. It more
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