• 8 bits of plastic you can quit right now The Earth can’t digest plastic. Plastic things are bought and used and that’s it – the Earth is burdened further. This issue has reached critical point. And we have to act. All of us. Because we are the issue. I know some of us get flummoxed by the data. Which is why I thought I’d more
  • what’s better for the planet: ebooks or print books? I try not to got holier than thou with environmental footprint prescriptives. I try. (Although, when it comes to bottled water, I’m rather unforgiving.) Mostly I prefer to advocate making better choices. And mostly there is a better choice. And small, everyday, mindful things we can all do. Problem is, there is so much misinformation more
  • how bad is flouride, really? A few weeks back I posted about why I don’t drink bottled water. Happily it inspired a stack of people to reconsider their habits. If you’re not yet convinced, watch this Story of Stuff video (it’s a little long, but fascinating) below. And then scroll down to some info on the effects of flouride, especially more
  • Sunday life: why we should resist bottled water. Like, now. * this post has been updated This week I don’t drink bottled water (actually, I haven’t drunk the stuff for several years, but I’m kinda ensconced in this “look what I happened upon this week” theme…so let’s just ride it for now). Recently I aborted a liaison with a guy because he didn’t recycle. To more
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