• I was a late creative bloomer. I agree with this theory. I took seven years to complete my BA. I was about five years older than all the other cadets when I did my official journalism training, taking a pay cut just for fun. I got my first gig on telly at 35 – when most women are giving up the screen. And I only found more
  • if you’re stuck creatively, this might help This week in Sunday Life I trust the process   I had dinner with a guy recently who dedicated entrée to telling me that all writers are self-indulged w*nkers. “You all go on about the pain of writing,” he said. “Plumbers don’t write about how hard their work is, you don’t read about ‘plumber’s block’.” more
  • you know, it’s ok to take your time “Spontaneity is not made by fastness” I often get asked how long it takes me to write my weekly Sunday Life column. I know why people ask – because they want to know if what they’re doing is taking too long. I wish I had a watertight answer. But to be honest, some days it more
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