• holding hands with the Dalai Lama… I’m in “Dalai Lama” land right now. Yesterday I interviewed him and we had a giggle. Tomorrow I’m chairing the Happiness & It’s Causes conference where he’s the guest speaker. In this shot (with the crew) he’s squeezing my hand over and over. And kept winking. Then, a few hours later, in the hotel lobby more
  • stop. ask… what’s the most important thing? Just a thought for this morning. It’s an old Buddhist story. Of a student who asked his teacher, “What’s the most important thing?” The wise old teacher replies, “The most important thing is asking what’s the most important thing”. Asking is engaging, caring, being alive, diving in. Not really knowing for sure – having an more
  • I’m a soul nerd. It hurts sometimes. Until I realised… “Literature is a yoga, a soulnerd’s intellectual-spiritual practice of contour-fitting what we know to what is so.” I read this in a Psychology Today article this morning. It’s given me heart on this Monday morning after a night of not sleeping and feeling really very raw about how I’m “doing life”. The article is about more
  • sunday life: mindful eating This week I eat mindfully Now here’s a thought: what if all those folk who take photos of their every meal and post them on their blog/Twitter/Facebook were actually onto something? I’m sure you’ve seen them about. I was at lunch recently and watched a table of six whip out their iphones as their food more
  • sunday life: in which the dalai lama tells me his secret to happiness This week I meet the Dalai Lama. And can I be honest? The experience nearly turned me inside out, what with the three days of fretting beforehand. I’d been invited to meet His Holiness, the spiritual leader of the people of Tibet, and ask him, on behalf of all you lot, how to make life more
  • and so it was that i giggled with the Dalai Lama So I met His Holiness the Dalia Lama. Much to say (stay tuned…I’ll be filing my Sunday Life column on here shortly). But for now, the evidence: Anyone from Melbourne? Definitely try to get to his public lecture this Thursday. His message is very important right now as we find ourselves caught in a flurry more
  • sunday life: in which i check in with my inside people…and Eugene Tan This week I check in with my “inside people” You can spend a lifetime reading books about how to get happy in 11 easy steps while not sweating small stuff. There are a lot out there, generally written by some of the most tortured souls around (in the same way neurotics often become psychiatrists and more
  • friday boat people reflection I’ve been talking a lot about the 78 boat people from Sri Lanka this week. I was on 7pm Project on Monday, with George Negus firing off about how what Rudd and Co are doing is illegal. Then on 2UE with Steve Price on Wednesday, where I got enraged about how these people are not more
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