• why i don’t shop when i travel Traveling heightens conflation and coincidences and special moments. This post has been edited. This is mostly how it works: new experiences, the unfamiliar, fresh eyes and movement (ie non-stagnancy) mean that we’re in the best position to notice the conflations and coincidences. Although, as I have written before, there is no such thing as coincidence. more
  • buy nothing new for a month If there is one thing I would truly love to inspire everyone around me to do…it’s to buy less. Everyone gets into decluttering and simplifying by buying great storage containers and having big cleanouts. But. Really. The only way to simplify your life and be responsible with your consumption – in many directions at once more
  • sunday life: my case against shopping* This week I don’t buy style Bless me father, for it has been nine weeks since my last resentful, unsatisfying and agitated jaunt to the gaudily adorned shrine that is my local shopping mall. Indeed, it’s been nine weeks since I’ve bought anything, apart from food, petrol and cotton buds. While I’m confessing, I should more
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