• Good anxiety apps and sites you need to know about At the back of my new book first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a list of some top apps and sites for anxiety. This is that list.  It’s a simple list because I personally don’t rely on such tech things heavily. For some context it’s worth noting that very few studies have more
  • allow time Sometimes solutions can be so stupidly simple. This holiday break I experimented with doing nothing. It paid off. I got some serious rest. Indeed, each day I got seriously excited about heading home in the afternoons to do nothing but lie and read and potter and make fermented mayonnaise. And so forth. So much so, more
  • Treat your car as a sanctuary I have a trick I use to deal with my anxiety that you might like to know about. But first, some clarification. My brand of anxiety comes with the tagline: The Great Lurch Forward. My nervousness is very much tied to my being in a permanent state of forward flight. Not fright. Just the flight more
  • a friday giveaway: 5 x Science of Stillness meditation memberships worth $300 So you’ve reached the end of eight weeks of sugar-free life. Here’s to a new, calm, life – free of sugar (!) To that end, this week I’m giving away five x premium memberships to Science of Stillness, each valued at $297 to help you kick off your new life. Tom Cronin (who I met more
  • Sunday life: in which i give up booze for February This week I happily and surely go sober. You see, I’m the ambassador for FebFast, an initiative that invites Australians to go sober in February and raise money for a bunch of substance abuse charities. If you want to join my FebFast team go to this link…here! The password is detoxme. We’re currently the leading more
  • sunday life: cos it’s cool to be calm This week I took wise counsel from a bunch of nice 22-year-old blokes in Ramones T-shirts. On Friday night I found myself in a down-an-alley-way-up-a-rickety-staircase bar brimful with young men born since the advent of personal email. They wore winkle-pickers and their older sister’s cardigans and drank longnecks of Coopers. It felt like it was more
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