• sugar-free berry and buckwheat galette I love Aran from Cannelle e Vanille. We all love Aran. And we love that she’s offered to share another recipe with us all today. I recently shared three summer quinoa recipes from Aran’s beautiful book Small Plates and Sweet Treats (now available, details here). This one is a sweet one…but I’ve adjusted it to more
  • 23 tips for beautiful food photography Now. You might have noticed (and politely not commented): I’m am THE crappiest food photographer going around. Cooking? I’m in my element. Dreaming up flavour combinations? Few can rival my boundless creativity (hyperbole alert). But I just seem to descend into an impatient numbskullness when it comes to capturing it in a pretty pic.   more
  • Tuesday eats: a gluten free recipe from Cannelle et Vanille Know this, Cannelle et Vanille is one of the most beautiful food blogs out there. Not just visually, but….spiritually, too (Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan, too). You can feel the love and care and whimsy from the pages of her blog. And Aran Goyoaga, a Basque food stylist now based in the US…well, she’s become more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: 7 nice peeps you should know about Really, this week it’s just a plug for bits and pieces of goodness I’ve come across in the past week. You know, little inventions and consumerables that make a difference, people sharing good stuff. That kind of thing. I’m in Canberra at Mum and Dad’s place, being treated to an open fire, daphne posies in more
  • tuesday eats: quinoa You eaten quinoa yet? The high-energy, gluten-free grain that everyone’s talking about right now? The stuff is unreal, beyond healthy and is a happy food at this time of year when our bodies need lots of protein and warm comforting textures. Consider this a bit of a cheat sheet on how to cook and eat more
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