• How to cook resistant starch for constipation As regular readers of my blog may know, I’m experimenting with resistant starch as a cure for constipation. Resistant starch is a type of food starch that remains whole through the stomach and small intestine, and, unlike most foods, reaches the large intestine intact. Thus, it “resists” digestion and begins to ferment…which, in turn, feeds good bacteria…which in more
  • Does your hair fall out when you quit sugar? While I was riding a mountain bike in Sardinia’s barren hills last week a sugary fuss was hitting fans Down Under. Did you read the fuss? The upshot of the fuss, if you missed it, is that a Sydney nutritionist is putting out a book that counters I Quit Sugar. It’s called Don’t Quit Sugar. more
  • pasta makes you fat, not bacon I read this article the other day, and it’s worth a share. There’s so much crappy information and conjecture going around at the moment on this topic and in the frustration some commentators are blurting defensive, misinformed stuff to their followers. Granted, though, it’s a damn confusing topic and the latest science not only goes more
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