• Let’s find an anxiety charity to support My book first, we make the beast beautiful is selling better than I thought. Which makes me very… relieved. And fulfilled. Off the back of this interest and the wonderful deep conversations it’s spawning, I’m being asked to speak at a number of corporate events, and I’ll also be organising a speaking tour shortly.  I want more
  • OK, I’m giving 200 I Quit Sugar Cookbooks away Last week we ran a little thing where I said I’d donate 20 books to five great charities doing great stuff. I got such a beautiful response, and because I have terrible indecision issues, I had Jo narrow things down to 10 so I could choose five from there. I couldn’t. So, instead I’ll give more
  • I’m giving 100 I Quit Sugar cookbooks away… If you’re involved in a charity that helps people make their life better, then you might be interested in this. You see, my ebooks have sold well. Better than I expected (I tend to work from low expectations). I feel blessed and so I’d like to give out just a little. Today I’m giving away more
  • $50 can teach 10 kids to read and write This is ashamedly a very long overdue post. I’ve been an ambassador to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation’s Wall of Hands program for two years. I’ve posed for the photos, I’ve said I’d be all hands on deck (so to speak; the campaign uses a raised hand as their motif) and I’ve failed to properly rally more
  • Inspired gifts – just a nice idea for a Wednesday… It’s always someone’s birthday or wedding. And – separate thought – I think it’s always nice to give something that helps others in need. Because, I mean, who needs another Jo Malone candle!?  So I thought I’d share UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts program…where you can buy a bike for your loved one…that goes to someone in more
  • My oprah necklace giveaway/charity thingo I asked last week what you thought of giveaways. I loved the feedback – thank you for taking the time to be clear and honest with me about it. It’s a tricky issue. And thank you for the suggestion to tie giveaways in with giving to those in more need than those of us reading more
  • your thoughts on giving back Recently I shared a short thought on giving back … a stack of you seemed interested in finding ways to volunteer and give…so I thought I’d post some of the ideas you shared with me. Thanks to everyone who reached out. Always appreciated. via the design inspiration Lisa: telecross – a part of the Red Cross more
  • a charity gift guide for you (cos I hate buying xmas junk) I wrote about giving this week. So, then, the very committed Julie Cowdroy, an activist and academic and ambassador for Opportunity International Australia and the Global Poverty Project alerted me to a post she’s just put up ABC’s The Drum about how to give goats for Christmas. Or, more to the point, how to give more
  • if i recommend getting involved in one thing… …this year, it’s this clever little charity…streetsmart.org. What do Stephen Fry and I have in common? I wish it was a lot more. For now it’s the fact we both support Streetsmartaustralia.org, a set-up that helps you help homeless people in your community…while eating out. It works like this: check out streetsmartaustralia.org to see restaurants more
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