• Are you a thru-hiker? Mega-author Bill Bryson got into hiking for a bit, wrote a book about it which then became a movie. I’ve followed a bit of discourse on his hiking thoughts. I came across this critique that picks up on the fact that on his big hike along the Appalachian Trail he failed to thru-hike. That is, he more
  • It’s OK to do drafts I’m writing a book. A book that’s extending me in ways I probably wouldn’t have chosen. But I did. So here I am, strapped in, doing the work. I’m particularly attuned to insights about writing and the creative process right now. A few weeks back I wrote Just do it like a motherfucker. Michelle Barraclough shared this wonderful more
  • Just do it like a motherf*cker Before Cheryl Strayed became That Wild Girl, she was an agony aunt at Rumpus.net. She went by the moniker “Sugar”, it so happens. In light of my recent posts about writing like no one cares, the joy of lowering your expectations and faking it until you make it, I thought today I’d simply run a response more
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