• 13 very nifty things to do with chia seeds Chia seeds are the new quinoa. The new ingredient to wriggle its way into the mainstream after a few decades as the fibrous, whole-mealy staple of the granola belt. I know many of you out there are still trying to work out what to do with the damn things once you’ve bought a packet. And more
  • A Friday giveaway! 6 chia seed packs worth $162 Another Friday, another wholesome flinging out to you of some damn good food stuff! This time it’s some of my favourite little packages of goodness: chia seeds. Yes, Chia Seed Co are giving away 6 x chia seed “runner’s packs”, each worth $162 Chia seeds are a source of many vitamins, minerals and fats, and more
  • my chocolate nut balls (healthy nuff for breakfast!) Over the weekend, my partner in “Sunday mornings on the deck eating eggs + reading the papers” crime Lizzie and I made nutballs. This is them… Three things you need to know: 1. These balls of goodness are so healthy and anti-oxidising that you can eat them for breakfast. And just to test the theory, more
  • Question: how do you travel and not fall apart, health-wise Every now and then I answer a question that crops up a lot from you lot. This week: how do I travel so much and not fall apart at the seams? I do travel a lot. I fly from Byron Bay to Sydney or Melbourne every week or so. Sometimes it’s a day trip. Sometimes more
  • Tuesday eats: some healthy mish-mash meals One of my favourite things to do is to come up with a meal from… nothing. It’s a sport. And I find myself competing in it often because I travel almost weekly and have to empty my fridge of random ingredients. Oh the thrill of it!?! So I always have a few staples on hand more
  • how to make a comfrey poultice Two weeks I ago I sprained and hairline-fractured my ankle…and tore my tendon. I was running barefoot on ocean rocks in the rain because I was listless. “I know, I’ll do something slightly off-kilter, so I can feel a bit more alive.” In addition to demolishing my ankle I also ran into three nude men. more
  • Tuesday Eats: a sugar-free breakfast idea! How’s this. I post about how tough it is to eat breakfast when you’re on this sugar-free challenge. And hello! I’m emailed this rippa recipe. Randomly. I met Samantha Gowing randomly a year or so ago. She’s a therapeutic chef who travels the world creating “Surf Spa Cuisine” for luxury hotels and spas. This is more
  • Tuesday eats: six healthy snacks (in six ingredients or less!) The Internet Chef recently posted a list of the top 30 health posts from the internet. They’re a great collation. Here’s my choice six snacks, plus some simple throw-together-from-the-pantry snack tricks I eat by. Enjoy! * Tamari Pepitas Toss some pumpkin seeds around a hot pan (no oil required; the oils from the nuts are more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: my best stomach fixes I think I’m going to start a series of posts of recommendations. Stuff that works for me, that I use/eat/refer to/get inspired by. I’ve had a number of emails asking me to share this kind of thing. Let’s make it a Thursday thing for a while. Yes. Just as a note, if you’re looking for more
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