• Am I a hypocrite? There’s a horrible feeling that grips at me from behind the neck at times. It’s like a sucky monster that latches on when I do something seemingly counter to my (often vocal) ethical stance on something. And it whispers in my ear, ”Sarah, you’re a double-standard, Pollyanna-ish flake”. Does he hang about your dowager’s hump more
  • The second IQS chocolate cookbook is here! Life happens. Chocolate helps. And one sugar-free Chocolate Cookbook wasn’t enough for me and the I Quit Sugar Team…so we made another. And as of this minute, you can get hold of it! Yes, yes, yes, this is a gratuitous post to get you to buy the book. And truth be known I’ve chosen the more
  • a friday giveaway: 30 Wild Patch chocolate gifts Because it’s a Friday, and it’s a long weekend, I thought it might be nice to giveaway chocolate. This time, Linda from Wild Patch has kicked in to share: 30 x fructose-free chocolate gifts, worth $15 each plus shipping  I’ve shared a bit of Linda’s story before. She’s a chocolate maker from Olinda (near Mt Dandenong) more
  • The I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook has landed! Drum rolls and fanfare be silent. The day has come. Yep, the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook is available today. And thank you for being so patient! My love of chocolate has seen me experiment madly with different densely nutritious and satiating recipe ideas for two years now. It’s not a bad experiment to sign more
  • 11 sugar-free Easter tricks (plus free IQS shipping!!) A sugar-free Easter…I’ve done a few now. It is possible. You just have to come to regard pre-masticated, additive-addled chocolate confection as a vile non-food and a waste of your salivary glands. Which it is. The last few weeks I’ve been in chocolate mode, putting together my next ebook…yes…a sugar-free chocolate cookbook. I’m not giving more
  • 15 tips + recipes for a sugar-free Easter It seems kind of early to be doing an Easter post. But, hey, Woolworths got in months ago. Aaaannndddd, a stack of you have been asking for ideas and recipes and… So. Here you go. First, some chocolate thinkings… and some good news Since I’ve been asked this a lot, I’ll share where I’m at more
  • tuesday eats: chocolate, green tea and red wine Yep, all of the above. I love them all. They are an injection of happiness. My body actually smiles when I have them. Same with zucchini, oddly. And brazil nuts. It’s funny-but-totally-get-able: because all three are great sources of antioxidants, I have a very healthy attitude to all three. I don’t binge on them. I more
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