• Sylvia Plath’s purple figs lesson Hello. Are you like me? As in, do you really, truly struggle with making decisions?  I think many of you reading this blog do. As I’ve written before, decision fatigue sees us do dumb things, like reverting to default or safe options, or to making decisions that keep our options open…which just prolongs the fatigue. more
  • Build gaps in your life. Pauses. Proper pauses. It’s been a wonderfully full few months. So full, I’ve had to get very focused with my priorities. This is the best thing about fullness – it doesn’t allow room for hot air or bad energy. And, so I’ve had to – for the first time in almost four years – drop this blog for more
  • my interview with Nicholas Sparks on what makes love work This week in Sunday Life I discuss The Notebook If you ever find yourself in the laundry at a party skewered against the tub of stubbies by some eye-glazing, go-nowhere conversation, try this tactic. Ask everyone’s thoughts on The Notebook. In my experience everyone has a take on this 1996 novel, turned into a film more
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