• Intermittent fasting for food addiction? Let’s discuss. I’m a cautious fan of intermittent fasting and have previously shared my thoughts on the best way to go about it. But I picked up on something in an interview with American integrative doctor Chris Kresser recently that stoked the fasting fire a little. As something of a side note to his ramble about how he personally more
  • 10 beefy reads for vegans + meat lovers I want to get to a point straight up today. I’ve been travelling around learning about meat production and reading more and more on the subject. A few weeks back I shared how I eat my meat, which prompted debate and more questions. I’ve read some more…and more…and figured y’all might like to do the more
  • how to eat to fall pregnant: a Chris Kresser ebook I know many of you have asked, what’s the best way to eat when trying to get pregnant. I’ve since found an amazing resource…which follows the same principles I adhere to. I did a podcast with Dr Chris Kresser, a practitioner of integrative medicine and creator of The Healthy Skeptic blog, last year, and discovered that Chris more
  • Want to learn more about the Paleo diet? This is for you… There’s much buzz at the moment about the Paleo diet. Some of it painfully pious. Some of it fascinatingly valid. I’ve written a little about it here and shared some Paleo recipes here. I keep getting asked to share my thoughts, and am often asked by recent sugar-free converts, “should I be quitting all carbs?” more
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