• Coconut and cheese biscuits (plus 3 more coconut flour treats) I’m coming to terms with coconut flour. I wrote about the stuff a few weeks back and have been experimenting since. It’s tricky stuff. But once you get it…it gets you. Since a few of you asked…here are some more recipes I’ve been playing with. These biscuits (above) were an experiment…that worked. They’re (good) fat more
  • paleo coconut flour muffins – sugarfree, of course I’ve been asked a few times about coconut flour. Is it a grain? Is it starchy? Good for kids quitting sugar? I could’ve mouthed off based on a vague knowledge. But I dug around a bit… Erstwhile, my conclusions: There are six reasons to give coconut flour a crack. 1. It’s sweet tasting, but contains more
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