• a friday giveaway: 20 cases of Kokomo coconut water Boy, do we have a great deal for you! If you’ve bought my I Quit Sugar Cookbook then you’d know that a good number of my recipes use coconut water. I’m a huge fan. You  might also have noticed that the good folk at Kokomo kindly helped me out by providing some of their coconut more
  • Avocado + coconut water popsicles. With a video recipe! First. A big thank you to everyone who’s already bought my I Quit Sugar Cookbook, released last week. Loved getting instagram pics of the dishes you made from it over the weekend…keep them coming. I’ll re-insta them as they come in. Second. If you’re curious about what kind of recipes I share, I thought I’d more
  • Is there fructose in coconut water? This was something I got asked on my I Quit Sugar forums a lot. I promised to get to the bottom of the conflicting information…Et voila! In a coconut shell. 1. yes, there is in fact sugar in coconut water All coconuts contain sugar. The levels depend on the type of coconut, and it’s age. more
  • Tuesday eats: what I’m eating for breakfast right now Someone asked me the other day to do a post on what I eat. In general. So I’ll start with breakfast. I get up. I drink about 1-2 litres of hot water with either a squeeze of lemon or a dash of apple cider vinegar. Then I exercise etc. Then I eat. I’m simply not more
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