• Here, my hacks for making less plans It’s a bit of a recurring rant of mine. In these modern times we are flooded with opportunities, commitments, options and invites. Where success was defined by how many contacts you could make, and how much information you could collate, today it’s defined by how much of all this “input” you can shut out. Right? more
  • What Steve Jobs’ perfectionism has taught me It truly is an oddity. It’s become a talking point among friends. A joke at first.  I can’t buy a couch. And it’s come to hold up a mirror to a few fundamental sadnesses about life. Indeed, I’ve never owned a couch. I’ve inherited old ones when I’ve moved into the various rentals I’ve traipsed more
  • I’m an online dater and it changed me There are a few things you learn when you do online dating. You learn about the different faces of humanity’s heaving, aching loneliness. You learn just how lonely you are. You learn about the opposite sex. You learn about how much your ego can take (from the incessant rejections; on most sites you’re alerted to more
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