• I’ve gawn fishin’… I’m off. Not quite fishing, but off to write my next book (yes!) so I figured I’d leave you with a bit of a teaser for Simplicious in my absence… As you might have picked up from my blog, I’m fired up about waste. Mindless consumption. All of it, but also very specifically food waste. I’ve always more
  • The Simplicious book cover my publisher rejected… My new book, Simplicious, arrived on my desk this week. It was more than 18 months in the building and hits book stores at the end of this month. Here’s the cover…you can probably get the rough vibe. It’s fat, it’s sustainable, it’s about sticking it up Big Food and Over Consumption, it’s geared at more
  • this makes me angry… Take a look at the shot below. That there, my dear blog land dwellers, is my mail collection from one day. You’ll note it’s mostly parcels sent in expensive overnight bags and courier boxes. What you can’t see is the amount of guff inside the parcels (I don’t wish to expose culprits): elaborately written press more
  • I love this idea: the plentitude economy This video from the Center for the New American Dream paints a picture of how I think we all want to live. Everyone talks about green economies, decluttering, recycling…which are good. To a point. But they’re still focused on consuming and growth. Right? The. Only. Way. To. Be. Sustainable. Which at the same time is more
  • get your stuff sorted You’ve heard of The Story of Stuff Project? I’ve mentioned it a bit here, especially in regards to the story of stuff in cosmetics. It’s a movement helping us all to consume less stuff. Because we don’t need it, it makes us unhappy and, frankly, it’s killing us. I grew up with these messages from more
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