• You go shopping for shoes. Then the Diderot Effect. Back in the late 1700s, French philosopher Denis Diderot found himself broke. But he lucked out when Catherine the Great heard he couldn’t afford to pay for his daughter’s wedding and she stepped in to give him a huge wad of cash. Feeling flush, he bought himself a new red robe. Then this happened… He more
  • Please meet my biggest, best book yet: Simplicious Simplicious hits bookstores today. No drum rolls please. I’m just pleased as punch that it’s here. It was two years of work. It’s 306 recipes. And I’ve taken a gamble here…it’s about how to eat your scraps. This book is my career highlight, my passion project, my obsession. Sustainability has always been at the guts more
  • I love this idea: the plentitude economy This video from the Center for the New American Dream paints a picture of how I think we all want to live. Everyone talks about green economies, decluttering, recycling…which are good. To a point. But they’re still focused on consuming and growth. Right? The. Only. Way. To. Be. Sustainable. Which at the same time is more
  • get your stuff sorted You’ve heard of The Story of Stuff Project? I’ve mentioned it a bit here, especially in regards to the story of stuff in cosmetics. It’s a movement helping us all to consume less stuff. Because we don’t need it, it makes us unhappy and, frankly, it’s killing us. I grew up with these messages from more
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