• You asked for cheeseburger dim sims…here they are! You might recall (it was a while ago; I Quit Sugar: Simplicious was a two-year project) I asked you all what you’d like to see featured in the new book I was writing. I took your very long list to heart and tried to incorporate as many of your requests as possible. I shared one of more
  • How bad are microwaves, really? In my list of Top 100 Hairy Chestnuts I Get Confronted With When I Talk About Cooking, “But aren’t microwaves bad?” comes in at about #25. I’m a fan of getting more people cooking, first and foremost. For some this involves using a microwave. Thus, my short answer to the above question is: If it more
  • This is why I cook I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s latest book: Cooked, A Natural History of Transformation. I’m transfixed. I love it. I’m sure you would too. I’m learning all kinds of wonderful cookery thingerys. Like, salt any meat that’s to be braised or stewed for hours, if not days, before you cook it. Why? Salt obviously draws water more
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