• How to choose the best toxin-free cosmetics I’ve done several toxin-free cosmetics lists over the years, each with several updates…resulting in a bit of a jumble. So I’ve pulled them apart and rejigged them all with updated information. And before I go on… I really want to emphasise that making the switch to safer and cleaner shouldn’t be about buying more stuff. It’s more
  • 13 lush eco beauty tricks I have a troubled past with makeup. When I worked in magazines I was beholden to the beauty industry, forced to get excited about skin whiteners and lash extenders. It killed me. Well, it wore me down, one blush stroke at a time (previous to editing Cosmo, I’d never worn makeup, never had a blowdry, more
  • the best toxin-free cosmetics: a listicle (part ll) OK. Everyone loved the list of toxin-free cosmetics I posted recently. Since then, I’ve come across more experts with tried and tested suggestions and some of you guys have shared, too. So, a listicle Part ll. And just a shower thought I had: I really want to emphasise that making the switch to safer and more
  • The scary truth behind my cosmetics… and why I’ve ditched foundation Sunday Life: This week I detox my cosmetics a little note: in my next post I will be listing the safe products I’ve decided to use as result of this week’s experiment, as well as those used personally by the top experts in safe cosmetics around the world. Check in tomorrow! In 2009 Rick Smith more
  • the best (safest) cosmetics: a list The other week I posted about getting a toxic audit on my flat (cough, cough…I have to now move out, such is the dire state of my bedroom). And also about the toxic state of our beauty products. Since then I’ve studied further, and this Time magazine interview with the authors of the new book more
  • How to detox your beauty cupboard I predict that in the next year or so the big issue we’ll be getting outraged about it is the amount of toxicity we ingest. On Sunday I’ll be posting my Sunday Life column about how I got building biologist Nicole Bijlsma to do a toxicity reading on my apartment. But the crap we ingest more
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