• My complete home fermentation guide, part one Addicted to the thrill of fermenting projects filling up your kitchen? Today, I present you with everything you need to know about home fermentation. How-to guides, tips and tricks and fermenting recipes a-plenty. 1. To start you off. I’ve covered off the pros and cons on which fermenting starter is better, salt or whey? 2. more
  • 14 things to do with fermented cream cheese Crikey I love curd. And blimey it’s the easiest way to get some probiotic love into your guts. A few weeks back I outlined 5 ways to use whey. Today I’m going to share what you can do with the other half of the equation: the curds. Because as you know, you make these two more
  • how to make your own (gut-friendly!) cream cheese This could possibly go down as one of my favourite recipe shares ever. It involves one ingredient. It’s satisfyingly wholesome and River Cottage-y to make. It produces no wastage AND results in two invaluable edibles. And it’s super superfood-y and gut-goodish. I could go on…  I’m talking about homemade cream cheese. The stuff from the more
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