• Here’s my beautiful pimped bike (an indulgent bike porn post) As reported last week, I had a bike stack. I’m feeling much better now, thanks! My main concern, however, as I got lifted from the road by lovely strangers, was for my bike. My bike is the most valuable material possession I own, apart from my couch, if we’re talking from a financial POV. From more
  • How to look even hotter on a bike Spring has sprung Down Under. Time to really think about taking up bike riding, yeah? Each year I like to agitate you all to get on your wheels. I try all kind of tacks. This time, I’m posting this fetching image (below) and sharing some inspiring cycling Spring outfits. I’m appealing to our collective sense more
  • is it OK to kill cyclists? Apparently so. Did you happen to read about the recent cyclist killing in San Francisco where a woman was killed by a motorist, sparking a protest when the driver wasn’t prosecuted due to police not finding any surveillance footage of the incident? Phew. That was a sentence! And how the police officer in charge parked more
  • How I travel: New York on a bike I don’t like flying. Or driving. I’ve always ridden. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve owned a car for seven years  of my life only. The rest of my adult life, I’ve ridden a bike to get around. Indeed, just three weeks ago I became car-less again. I really do prefer it. My tendency more
  • my simple things Simplicity is going to be a big theme in many people’s lives in 2013. Just you watch. UK magazine The Simple Things recently interviewed me on how I make my life simple and it appears in this month’s issue. If you don’t get around to grabbing it, how about I help you out. These are more
  • a slow food and biking guide to copenhagen I rather love Copenhagen.  Marija – the lovely lady who photographed my I Quit Sugar eCookbook; that’s her below – and I spent a week here, mostly shooting the cover and some fun shots for my new book. There is so much to include in a guide, but I’ll keep to a list of ten more
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