• a *very* cute bike fashion find To be honest, being safe on a bike is mostly about being visible. I ride to be seen. Which is to say, I ride obviously. I ride so cars know I’m there. I take off at traffic lights from up front, I ride on the road (not on footpaths where reversing cars can’t see me) more
  • 24 top tips for inner-city bike buying + riding My philosophy is this: when more people ride bikes in cities, the safer that city is for cyclists. Actually, it’s not my philosophy. It’s a fact. And the raison d’etre of my Campaign To Ride a Bike. via meetup.com But I know many of you get stuck on how to start out riding – how more
  • our bike basket winner: Kathleen! Kathleen from Brisbane has a snazzy fold up Brompton which fits under her desk. She says “I haven’t figured out the clothes thing. I can keep my top cool, but am I the only one who ends up with a sweaty bum?” Um, nope. Kathleen, please email us at [email protected] with your contact details, and more
  • what to wear on a bike: part two (plus a bike basket giveaway!) I wrote a post recently on what I wear on my bike…how to dress to ride…sans lyrca. I write these blogs to inspire you to ride a bike. My motivations are pure! Here, a few extra pics and some that you lot sent in (thank you!). Also, our friend  Joyce from Cyclestyle has VERY kindly more
  • 5 pretty accoutrements to get you excited about riding a bike * plus a giveaway I’ve introduced you to Joyce from online store CycleStyle before. She is kooky as all get-up and is one of my favourite bike kids. AND, her baby is due this week! Blessings to her. I’ve asked her to share a few of her favourite bike accessories with you… Go for it Joyce: My bike is more
  • a guide to hot bike helmets (you asked for it!) OK, I’m back on the Campaign to Ride a Bike, a loose gee-up I’m waging on my blog – and beyond – to get more people riding. You can catch up on some of my rants here and also here. But a big barrier for a lot of people is the goddamn helmet. How to more
  • bike accessory porn on a Thursday Oooola! Pretty things for bikes. I post this by way of getting you excited about riding a bike. When you ride a bike you can enter this world of cool stuff. This is a new inflatable bike helmet that won’t ruin your ‘do. Unless you stack. To see how it works, check out the video more
  • so, i think you should ride a bike I’ve been thinking for a while that I should be putting some energy to inspiring as many people as possible to ride a bike. I’m not sure how I’ll do this yet, but let’s make it a campaign. Let’s call it A Campaign to Ride A Bike (unless anyone out there would like to pose more
  • you look hotter on a bike So, I’m here in New York. And it’s bloody hot. I woke at 5:30 am in a sweat and ran around Central Park. I’m staying right on the park – my bed overlooks it. The truly divine thing about New York  is that when it’s hot everyone is out on the streets…and lots of them more
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