• My complete home fermentation guide, part one Addicted to the thrill of fermenting projects filling up your kitchen? Today, I present you with everything you need to know about home fermentation. How-to guides, tips and tricks and fermenting recipes a-plenty. 1. To start you off. I’ve covered off the pros and cons on which fermenting starter is better, salt or whey? 2. more
  • My homemade fermented daikon recipe I’ve been doing lots of fermenting lately and I’ll be sharing recipes on my site over the coming weeks…But in the meantime, you can read up on why it’s so good for you here. Fermented daikon is one of my favourite ferments. Daikon is a big white radish often found grated raw on Japanese meals; more
  • how to ferment vegetables So, I ferment my roots. And I activate my nuts. And my guts love me for it. If there is one kooky, “witchy” thing you should try right now, it’s fermenting, or pickling. I’ve been playing around for a few months, making sauerkraut, pickled daikon, and the most lush beetroot relish. I eat a tablespoon or more
  • some Christmas food gifts (and how to pickle daikon) I’ve been cooking a little lately. Experimenting. And I’ve found a few things that I reckon will make very nice Christmas gifts. I’ve got some friends coming around over the weekend to whip up some of the below to hand to Good People Who’ve Done Good Things By Me in 2011. And boy have there more
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