• How to have a morning routine (and why you should) I’ve banged on about the importance of a morning routine before. And I’ve shared my own routine. I’m not alone when it comes to religiously sticking to a morning schedule. The creatives and entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed across the globe over the years all have one. And stick to it. Likewise on website Mymorningroutine.com. Intrigued by morning routines and how living by them leads more
  • sunday life: how to work a four-day week This week I share how I take Thursdays off. I call it a Clear Day. A day for floating… If you were to put your ear to the ground and listen carefully, this is what the Zeitgeist would rumble back at you: right now, in 2010, we’re feeling like little canoes thundering down a gorge. more
  • famous thinkers’ daily rituals: an inspiration I am pretty much obsessed with how other people run their lives. Since I was a kid I’ve asked others what time they wake up, how they organise their mornings, what little things do they stick to to get through their day. Because I think these kind of details give an insight into their success, more
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