• i’m bored of my bullsh*t defenses. I’m shedding my bark. I know I come across as open. Few defenses. Willing to discuss my bowel habits and my sadness with tens of thousands of strangers. But I’ve had to realise lately that this brazen openness is actually a defense. A boring one. For me, anyway. Do you tend to point out your faults loudly when you’re more
  • how to see signs I’ve been getting a few “signs” lately. I don’t know what you make of signs… Me, I think that patterns emerge as we go about life and they bank up – get blocked or layer up. A bit like stuff swirling down a drain; the stuff forms a bit of clump and we need to more
  • New Year ideas: surround yourself in green Over the next week or two I’ll post some reflections for a fresh start. This one is from DailyOm about the colour green. I’ll extract it in part. Green is a combination of the colors yellow and blue, … Blue exudes calm and peace, while yellow radiates liveliness and high levels of energy. As a more
  • Be a strong container I’ve followed Daily OM for many years now and have chatted to Madisyn Taylor in the past and found her to be the real deal. She meditates each day to come up with her daily advice. And takes Tuesdays off to have a better life.  I like this post for today’s outlook about grounding yourself. more
  • listening to the quiet voice Do you have a soft voice? What I mean is, do you have a secondary voice – not the loud, chattery one that natters away in your head most of the day – but another quieter, gentler voice that pipes up just when you need it to? You hear it when you listen for it. more
  • sunday life: how to work a four-day week This week I share how I take Thursdays off. I call it a Clear Day. A day for floating… If you were to put your ear to the ground and listen carefully, this is what the Zeitgeist would rumble back at you: right now, in 2010, we’re feeling like little canoes thundering down a gorge. more
  • have a sweet easter 2 April xxx Happy Easter to all of you. I’m not doing much. My mission is to stay nice and still. My family back in Canberra is not doing much on account of, well, being a bit funeraled out. Friends are off up the coast with inlaws… There’s a certain satisfaction to be derived from not doing what more
  • watch for the signs (and a great video…scroll to the bottom) I have a little rule: three signs and I act. I feel strangely compelled to take note if someone’s name pops up three times in a day. I have to call them. My meditation teacher, for instance. He was mentioned to me by three different people. Finally I called him – his name’s Tim – more
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