• Sylvia Plath’s purple figs lesson Hello. Are you like me? As in, do you really, truly struggle with making decisions?  I think many of you reading this blog do. As I’ve written before, decision fatigue sees us do dumb things, like reverting to default or safe options, or to making decisions that keep our options open…which just prolongs the fatigue. more
  • laugh and kiss him back Sometimes you have to hand things over to the bigger picture. You have to do this when you just don’t know anymore. I have an “issue” just now. I won’t detail, as it’s…too detailed. There are a clusterf*ck of ideas, options, angles, directions attached to solving this issue and I’m stuck in it all. This more
  • i’m choicely buggered…you decide! This week I decide less I have two seemingly unrelated theories about life. First, successful people eat boring breakfasts. Crude, but true. Look around the busy exec-y types you know – they eat vegemite on toast, or porridge. Every day. And don’t put any further thought to it. It’s only ratbags like me who deliberate more
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