• five books: cookbooks and nutrition guides I eat by I’m starting an occasional series where I share a couple of my favourite books. First up, cookbooks and nutrition guides I live by. I’ve put nifty links to Amazon if you’re busting to get your hands on them…. Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions Sally is the co-founder and president of the Weston A Price Foundation, and more
  • my chat with Deepak Chopra…real deal or frantically caught up? This week my body travels, I stay home Sometimes, in the course of writing this column, I come across a breed of self-helper I can only describe as disenchantingly full of it. Edward de Bono is one such (sorry to be so frank, Lateral Thinking fans). Then there are those who, well, I just can’t more
  • How to tame your “vata” Yesterday, in an interview for Yoga Journal, I was asked what lifestyle techniques I wholeheartedly swear by. I’ve been saving this trick up for a while to share…it’s certainly one of the main approaches I live by for maximum wellness and solid-to-goodness ground-ed-ness. I tame my vata. But I have a theory. I believe untamed more
  • this is the nutrition course I’m studying (plus a cool plan to donate $500 to charity if you enrol too…) In February I started studying to become a health counsellor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, via correspondence. Name someone big in nutrition and I can safely say they’re probably lecturers at this place…Deepak Chopra, Joel Fuhrman, Sally Fallon Morell, Mark Hyman, etc. I’ve learned things like: Eat melons alone or leave more
  • have a sweet weekend: 12 march xx This week was surreal and round-abouty. I interviewed Mitch Albom and Deepak Chopra and was contacted via my blog by Dan Buettner who did the Blue Zones study about how to live longer that I wrote about recently. The interaction started off stand-offishly (him giving me a ribbing for a comment I’d made about his more
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