• Yes, Sarah wore frog shoes out to lunch. With me. For this post I’ve handed reins over to Jo… to choose some favourites from the year that was. Jo, go for your life! It’s not an easy gig, picking (only) three of my favourite posts/thoughts/memories to share on the blog. I’m usually attached to each post, for all sorts of reasons on any given day. So I more
  • Brene Brown: how do you get “deliberate” about your life? This week in Sunday Life I get deliberately vulnerable I love the number three. It’s a thing (as they say on Twitter, preceded by a “hashtag”). When things come in threes – three knock-backs, three mentions of the same person in a week – I’ve learned to take note. And something always comes of it. more
  • Brene Brown’s tips for getting real with yourself As I shared a few post back, I met Brene Brown face-to-face during her Australian visit (Sunday Life column on the matter to come). Her big thing, the thing that resonated for me when I read The Gifts of Imperfection was that making a change in your life is about getting serious, deliberate. You can more
  • wholeheartedness: come meet Brene Brown (free tickets!) I need to share this story. So. Three people over the past three months – one of my best mates Rosie, my new friend Kazzie, and Maria from Brainpickings – alerted me to scientist and “shame” expert Brene Brown. You might recall my “three signs and I act” theory? So. I read her book The more
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