• Your green shopping bag is making you eat crap Good morning, friends. Here’s an eco-conundrum to ponder. A study published last month in the Journal of Marketing found shoppers who brought their own bags to the supermarket tended to buy more chips, cookies and other treats than those who didn’t. How the goodness does this work? The researchers found that the shoppers’ self-perceived righteousness more
  • how to quit sugar in the New Year Perhaps you’re playing with the idea of quitting sugar for 2013. To get well. And bright. And happy. Yes? Look, I’m not one to to sell in things with fanfare. I will simply say: quitting sugar works. And then I will gently invite you: to try it for yourself. How does it work? What will more
  • How to live to 100: eat no sugar I’ve been sharing a few posts on why the people in Ikaria, Greece, live so long. Why it’s a “Blue Zone”. You can catch up here and here on the gist (and there’s more to come). The really big question that dangled during my stay here, however, is where’s the sugar issue sit in all more
  • I eat: 10-day eat fit food detox A few months back I tried out a juice detox. It worked lovely wonders.  So I decided to give Eat Fit Food’s detox a try. Theirs runs for 10 days, all the food is delivered to your door in the wee hours of the morning, it includes 3 meals plus 2 x snacks and juice more
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