• Can you sit and do nothing (no phone included) for 15 minutes? Last week my phone died and I paid a visit to – deep breath – the Apple store to have an over-pierced kid sort out my life. After diagnosing my issue, The Kid (Him: “In my former life I was a piercing technician.” Me: “But you’re 21, you don’t have a former life!”) had to more
  • Switch off data roaming I used to jump through all kinds of telecommunications hoops to get internet coverage when I travelled (avoiding the $2398472987 bill from leaving my Australian phone plan connected). Now I give in. I turn off data roaming and I simply go without coverage for most of the time, connecting to a hotel lobby or cafe’s more
  • tone your vagus The thighbone is connected to the hipbone…and our heart is connect to the head, and we are all one and… you get the picture. I read over the weekend about work being conducted by behavioural neuroscientists in the US that shows that our phone addiction is connected to our longevity,  and that disconnecting from your more
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