• sit on a small wooden bench with yourself This is a meditation trick I learned years ago. It’s simple and sweet. And I revert to it often. You might like it in these noisy, frenetic times we’re having just now. I’ve mentioned before how much I struggle with meditation. But every day I sit down and do it. Twice a day. For three more
  • five spiritual books to read this weekend I was asked this recently and promised to share. I’ll keep it simple and to the point…just a few reads that have made a difference to me and might to you, too. Feel free to add to the list below… A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield A wonderful manual for deep meditation practice. His more
  • Sunday Life: how to stop being distracted and live in the now! This week I reign in the mind wandering Back when I edited a women’s magazine I learned very quickly that a lot of women worry that when they’re having sex they’re thinking about the washing in the tub that needs to be hung out, or the pork in the freezer that needs to be defrosted, more
  • is everything going to be ok? It is, you know. Because everything is OK right now. Not in five minutes. Not in five seconds. Right now, as you read the message on the steps, it is. OK. Right? This picture was taken in the lobby of the Ace Hotel when I was in New York a few months back. I found more
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