• The best toxin-free cosmetics – my personal listicle Yesterday, I shared how to choose the best toxin-free cosmetics. As promised, here’s my own safe beauty shopping list. It’s not a definitive list. And I recognise that nothing is ever fully toxin-free. As ever, it’s about doing what you can. As ever, it’s mostly about doing with less. Less is more. Less is more. more
  • a friday giveaway: 15 bottles of invisible tan from eco tan A few days ago I shared a post about safe fake tan. One of the brands recommended was Eco Tan. Well. Happily, Australian brand Eco Tan have been in touch and today…. Eco Tan are giving away 15 bottles of their Invisible Tan, worth $34.95 Eco Tan makes their products locally, the DHA in Eco Tan more
  • Is there a safe fake tan? Toxins make me sick. A scented moisturiser leaves me nauseous. I have to leave a restaurant if someone next to me is wearing perfume. It’s an auto-immune thing for me. And it’s getting worse…or maybe more things are stinking!  Increasingly, though, a lot more people are finding they’re affected by the toxic crap added to more
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