• This is my 1000th blog. Strewth. I wrote my first blog post June 28, 2009. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t. I was filming Masterchef at the time and needed something or someone a little more cerebral to engage with. So I chose, um, you lot! Like many things that I try, if it feels right, more
  • How to start a book? Write drunk, edit sober. I’ve just started a book. As in, writing one. I’m not quite sure how this came about. But as with most thing in my life, they’ve happened while I’ve been doing other things (I’d never even read Cosmopolitan before I became editor of it). Anyway, contracts are signed. I’m off. How do you start writing more
  • Sunday life: a cup of tea with Edward do Bono (tell me your take on this one…!) This week I meet Edward de Bono, the world’s most well-known thinker. So, it’s arranged we meet at an outdoor swimming pool on Friday morning. Which is a little odd. Edward De Bono, the world’s greatest thinker, is 75 and arrives with his aide, wearing a full suit and a superbly garish tie. He’s not more
  • have an awesome weekend 16 April xxxxx This morning kicked off a ripper for me: I shuffled two laps of Bondi Beach in the sand (I’m GRADUALLY getting my strength back…even managed 10 pull ups at Muscle Beach at the North end on Wednesday), then swam at Icebergs, sat in the funny little steam room there overlooking the break and chatted away more
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