• How to find your place Are you a young person wondering what the hell you’re meant to be doing? Trying to find your place? Are you a parent with a beloved young person in your life who is struggling with their place? My suggestion: read famous creatives’ graduation speeches. They are truly inspiring frothings in which said famous creative confesses more
  • A trick for writers and artists: create with low expectations I did an interview with ABC radio host Mary-Lou Stephens the other day, chatting about food sustainability. Before I went on air she shared she’s just finished writing her latest book (she’s written several) and actually loved the process this time, churning it out in just three months. What was different this time, I asked more
  • Elizabeth Gilbert on showing up It’s TED”s fifth birthday. 1000 talks, 81 languages, viewed 1/2 billion times. So I went back and watched one of the most popular talks: Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and the fear we have around…just doing it. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86x-u-tz0MA&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] I’ve been talking about this over the week in Sydney with friends who are blocked. They’re creative. In more
  • two lessons I took from Eat Pray love (the movie) Everyone is going to see the movie, right. Even if you’re one of those people who says Elizabeth Gilbert should build a bridge. Grab her baggage. And trundle over it. I saw an advanced preview of the film about two months ago. I really enjoyed it. It would be easy for me, with my scathing more
  • five Ted.com talks you should watch this week In my bumpy journey to find what makes life better, I’ve found this works: watching Ted.com every now and then. I subscribe to their newsletter and save the ones I like. There is so much cheap opining out there; to watch people who actually know their shit humbly share their findings, is refreshing. I mention more
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